No, iTunes, Don’t Remove My Purchased Items

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Hey iTunes, why do you want to delete all my new apps every time I sync? You didn’t used to, did I push your buttons the wrong way? I must have, because that’s what your doing.

Anyway, after some digging, it seems that I somehow managed selected the “Don’t show this again” option for both the Transfer Purchased items dialog and the Remove items dialog. And instead of doing what it should, which is to backup new apps to the computer, iTunes decided it should delete them instead. Is it just me, or does it not make any sense?

If this is happening to you, this is what you should do:

  • Go to Edit > Preferences, then the advanced tab. Click the Reset button to reset all warning dialogs.
  • Click the Store menu and Authorize the computer with the same account you used to on your iDevice.
  • Plug your iDevice in and select it on iTunes. Go to the Apps tab, and make sure Automatically sync new apps is not checked. I don’t know if this is a bug or what, but it seems to only want to delete my new apps if this option is selected.

And your set, next time you sync, it should ask if you want to transfer your purchased items again. If it still wants to remove your apps, make sure you don’t make any changes to the iDevice from iTunes after you plug it in and just do a sync to let it transfer your apps first. After that you can make changes such as adding music, photo, or videos. I think this is a bug, or maybe all of this somehow is supposed to make sense. I’m on 10.1.2.

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