How To Relax At The Beach On A Cold Day

I had the day off for Presidents day, it’s snowing and it’s cold, but I was determined to go somewhere to get some fresh air and relax. Unfortunately, the Long Island state park I was going to¬†originally¬†closed due to the snow. On my way back home I decided to check out Jones Beach, I’ve never been there before and I have all day, so I figure I’d go on a tour. I went around to the beach areas and found a field that had a very nice view of the beach right from the parking lot. It’s the perfect place to hang out and relax.

After finding a nice parking spot, I went about setting up my car for a snowy day at the beach. I drive a Honda Fit, and it’s got something they call relax mode. In relax mode, the front seat is folded down, allowing you to sit in the back and stretch out your legs. It’s the perfect mode for relaxing at the beach.

With relax mode setup, I need to setup my entertainment. I attached my iPad to the rear window using an iPad car holder I got from Meritline. I’m actually surprised how well the iPad car holder worked, I was worried it would fall off the window, but it held up pretty well. Definitely not for use when driving, but it’s great when the car is stationary.

Next, it’s relaxation time! I listened to some music from Pandora while enjoying the view, did some web browsing, IMing and later watched some videos. Even took a short nap. A normal day at the beach, I’d say. Throw in a blanket with some snacks and it’s the perfect way to relax at the beach on a cold day.

iPad Attached To Fit iPad Attached To Fit

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