The QR Code Are Invading

QR codes are starting to popup everywhere here in NYC, I heard it was popular in other countries and it’s just now starting to go mainstream here in the states. I installed an app on my old Nokia phone that read QR codes, but I only used it once on an advertisement on the train, not because I was interested, but just to test out the QR code app. Let’s just say it took me a minute or two to get the code scanned, I literally had to hold the phone right next to the code, and a moving train didn’t help at all. And I think that’s my biggest issue with QR codes, they are usually tiny and requires you to hold the phone right up to the code. It’s not something people will do, and it looks kind of silly.

Well, it may be silly for advertisements on the train, but NYC just announced an initiative that prints QR codes on building permits. I believe this is an excellent use for QR codes, unlike advertisements, this is something people would actually stop and look at if they have any concerns about a building project. It’s a quick way to check the validity of building permits directly on the Department of Building’s website.

My new Android phone came with a QR code reader pre-installed. It’s very handy when I want to install software on the phone since most Android sites are using QR codes for links, it seems to be the standard on Android. But again, that’s about all I’ve used the QR code scanner for, I’ve never used it outside of scanning codes on a webpage.

It’s just anecdotal evidence, but I don’t think QR codes work for advertisements, it’s just too much work for the public. Other uses however, are growing in popularity and shows no sign of slowing down.

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