Gawker’s Redesign Sucks

The Gawker network redesigned their network of blogs a few weeks ago, which Gizmodo is a part of. I’m no designer, but I think their design sucks. It’s a very forward thinking design, but it makes the site tough to navigate. They changed their design to only feature one story on the left side, with a list of story titles on the left side column. Which is fine, but to get more stories than what is being shown on the screen you’ll need to use the scroll wheel to scroll down the list. The other problem is the stories no longer have teasers, it’s just the article title and a link. Gizmodo used to be a site I visited everyday, but after this design I find myself visiting it less and less. It’s probably because the scroll wheel at my work computer doesn’t work. I guess I’m just old school.

Update: Looks like Gawker added a scroll bar to the right column, should have had that from the beginning. But now there’s 2 scroll bars next to each other, one for the right column and another for the page. Yep, sucks.

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