Save The Home And Power Buttons With Activator

The power and home button on any iOS device are pretty worn out due to the constant use. Especially with multitasking which requires a double press of the home button. I’m probably not the first one to realize this, but I just found out that a jailbroken app called Activator can help save the buttons! Yes, this tip requires a jailbroken device, and Activator is a free app from the Cydia app store. Activator is an app that allows you to kick off some functions when you do certain¬†gestures, such as swipe left or right on the top status bar.

In my setup, swiping up from the home button (without pressing it) will activate the task switcher. No more double clicking the home button! Double tabbing the top task brings me back to the home screen, and swiping left on the task bar puts the device to sleep. I’ve used this for a couple of days and I’m pretty used to it, and not once have I used the power button the put my iPad to sleep. This will keep my iPad in working order for a much longer time, I hope.

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