12.5 Million Pieces Of Spam Nets Spammers $100

I’ve always wondered how much spammers make, and now the word is out. According to the article, spammers make around $100 for every 12.5 million pieces of spam they send, it doesn’t sound like much, but considering that billions of pieces of spam could be sent a day, it’s a good chunk of change. At my job, we routinely send 150+k pieces of various newsletters a day, and we’re a very small shop with a very small (and double opted in) audience. So I can definitely see one person with a bunch of rooted machine send out a few hundred million pieces of spam a day, netting some very good profits.

What’s the solution to spam? Stop buying crap from spammer! It’s that simple. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like everyone on the Internet have gotten the memo.

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