Google To Shut Off Translation API

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Google’s Translation API is a tool that allows web developers to dynamically (and automagically) translate their website to various other languages. I know we use it where I work, but it seems that it costs Google a bit too much money, so they’re going to shut it off 12/1/11. So what’s the point of using any of Google APIs? They can’t generate any ad revenue from APIs, so what’s going to prevent them from just turning them all off one day? Nothing, they can do whatever they want, and it leaves us web developers scrambling to find other solutions.

The only solution to this problem is to stop using Google’s APIs, which is what I’m going to recommend where I work. There must be other solutions to our needs on the web, Google is not the be all end all. I feel bad that I once pushed to use Google API, but I guess I was naive to think that Google is our friend, I won’t make that mistake again.

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