Handled A Blackberry Playbook Today

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I know the Blackberry Playbook have been out for a while, but I finally handled it today. It’s a slick little device, but it’s not ready for prime time. The 7″ form factor is definitely good, at least for me, it fits perfectly in one hand. However, the size and the weight just doesn’t match, it’s not heavier than an iPad, but being so small just makes it feel much heavier than it actually is.

The OS works pretty well, very smooth and no lag at all. And oh man, Flash works GREAT on the device! Now this is a real web browsing machine, with full Flash support! While playing a Flash video on the browser I was able to switch around to other applications with no problem, and no lag. Pretty much exactly what Blackberry promised.

The other thing I didn’t like about the device is the lack of a “home” button, or any kind of button on the screen side. To wake it up from sleep I has to press the tiny power button at the top of the device. Maybe there’s some trick to it that I didn’t know, but everyone who handled the device had the same reaction. Swapping up just doesn’t say “home” like a physical button.

Overall, the Playbook is a pretty good device, but it needs work. Make it lighter, add a home button, make pinch to zoom on the browser smoother, and make it $350 then it’ll be real competition for the iPad.

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