RIM Is Screwed

It’s official, RIM is screwed. Oh, how the once mighty have fallen. It’s still great for business, the keyboard is still the best available, but they’ve dug themselves too deep into that niche. A blackberry is just not that cool, no one thinks of it as a consumer device. I’ve had a Blackberry attached to my hip for the last 7 or so years for work, and there’s no way I’m going to get a Blackberry as my personal device. It’s just silly carrying two around attached to my hip. Well, that and the software sucks for anything but email.

My wife has a Blackberry flip phone, which I consider a consumer device, and it’s just plain difficult to use for anything other than email. I often find my wife fumbling around trying to find out who the missed call was from, returning a missed call, accessing multimedia, and etc. The Blackberry can really use some programmable function keys, a dedicated button for the call log or phone book, instead of having to use the trackball to scroll to the icon. Because you know, some folks just want a phone.

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