Google+ Exclusive Beta Just Killed Google+

Still no access to Google+. I hate this beta crap where they release it but you can’t use it, just read about everyone else using it. What exactly am I waiting for anyway? This waiting is just a big turn off.

Google did the same thing with lots of their other services, and it seems that very few of the services that they release this way succeed. The services that succeed are usually revolutionary, take Gmail for example, they were the first to offer virtually unlimited storage while everyone else offered a couple of hundred megabytes. The lure of never having to delete emails is just too strong, and many people bought in to it, including myself.

Google+ is different, most people are already using Facebook, Google+ is just something of a curiosity. They aren’t really doing anything revolutionary, just the same thing but in a slightly different way. And you know what happens when Joe Six-pack hears about Google+ and the finds out he can’t use it? It’s forgotten faster than you can say “social.”

This is a whole different ball game, Google, and your playing in Facebook’s court. Once you’ve got someone’s attention, you need to hang on to it for dear life, not tease them. A typical user’s attention span is rather short, once you lose it, you’ve lost them, and you just lost a lot of them with this exclusive beta business.

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