Google Plus Not All That

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I was probably one of the last people to be on Google Plus, but I finally got an invite and I’ve been playing with it for a couple of weeks. It’s really not all that. Yea it’s cool and all with the “circles”, but it’s really nothing earth shattering. Circles is the main draw to Google Plus, it lets you group people into circles so you can share different messages with different circles. But it’s a pain to actually use, who really wants to start categorizing everyone they know? And what happens if you post a message to the wrong group? Whoops.

What’s wrong with having people in different social networks? It makes the separation of work and play as clear as day and night. I have LinkedIn for professional connections, and Facebook for everyone else. If any professional connection get close enough, they are added as a Facebook friend. This way I can just post on Facebook and not worry about who might see it or whether it was posted to the right group.

Bottom line is, geeks, bloggers and tech journalists love it, but it’s just another social network to the average joe.

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