Don’t Buy Dane-Elec USB Flash Drives

I recently purchased a couple of Dane-Elec USB flash drives from Target while they were on sale for $9. Bad move. I’ve had Dane-Elec devices before and they worked fine so I didn’t think anything of it. Fast forward 3 days, one of the drives fails. It just started showing up as an unusable 8MB drive one day. I did some research and it seems that Dane-Elec is using chips from ChipsBank, which seems to have a record of failing in the same fashion as mine did. Some reported that they were able to fix it using something called UMPTool, but the tool didn’t work for me.

Moral of this story? Keep your packaging for at least a week, I didn’t think a flash drive would fail in this fashion so quickly, so I threw out the package. Tried to return it to Target but they wouldn’t take it back. And $10 is not enough money for me to dig through the garbage to find the packaging. I guess it’s a $10 lesson learned.

Oh yea, Dane-Elec had a “5 year warranty” on the flash drives, but good luck trying to claim it. Their site is pretty much in French, and I filed a ticket a few days ago but still have not heard back. I also can’t RMA the drive because it asks for a serial # when registering, which is not on the drive itself.

So remember folks, always keep your packaging and don’t buy Dane-Elec.

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