We Need Universal Power/Data Connectors

I’m running out of power plugs, my desk is full of plugs for my various gadgets. Everyone of them has an USB end, while the other end is¬†proprietary. Why the heck is this necessary? Way can’t we all just use mini/micro USB and call it a day?

As I mentioned in my previous post, I just got my hands on a loaner Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, everything is good except when I went to charge it. Like most devices, it charges via USB, so I figure I’ll just plug it into my iPad charger plug. No dice. It shows a little “x” on the battery saying that it’s not charging. Why, the, heck, does, that, matter!? If it’s a USB plug with enough juice, why doesn’t it just charge the dame device? In the end, I had to unplug the Apple USB ¬†power plug and plug in the Samsung USB power plug. This just blows my mind, where’s the common sense?

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