Why Apple Wants To Kill The Samsung Galaxy Tab

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I just got my hands on a loaner Galaxy Tab 10.1 to play with last week, and I really like what I see. Yes, I know I’m a bit behind on this but WayWardWeb isn’t exactly a top tier blog. I think most of the time I’m just talking to myself and the SPAM bots. Aaaanyway, over all, it’s a great tablet and I would definitely recommend it.

Hardware wise it’s got the iPad 2 beat, it’s light, thin and have better cameras. On the software front, I think they are pretty much on par. I always hear how iOS is better this and better that, but I just don’t see it. Honeycomb on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is very polished, it’s quick and it runs Flash pretty well. It really just comes down to the apps.

Now, back on topic, why in the world is Apple hell bent on suing the Galaxy Tab 10.1 out of¬†existence?¬†Because it’s a serious contender! Like I mentioned before, hardware and software wise, the Galaxy Tab has the iPad 2 beat. And the App Market is growing like crazy as well. Apple is scared, they haven’t been in this position for a long long time, and only recourse they have is the sue.

Another interesting thing I noticed while playing with the Galaxy Tab 10.1, the included movie player actually plays iPhone specific HTTP video streams. It doesn’t play them well, but it does, and no other Android device out there does this that I know of. I had my coworker test this out on his Samsung Galaxy S 2, and it doesn’t play the iPhone streams.

Is this the real reason Apple sued Samsung? Was this feature not included in the Galaxy S 2 because of the lawsuit? Well, that’s my guess anyway. If Samsung devices can play all the iPhone streams that everyone seems to be offering now a days, that’s just one less reason to get an iPhone. I’ve had some contact with a CDN that specializes in multimedia, and it seems video streaming on android is fairly complicated, and hardly anyone does it. So it makes sense to just make Android work with iPhone streams. Unfortunately, Apple’s got something to say about that, in court!

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