Google Plus Goes Public (Beta)

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Google Plus just went from exclusive to public beta, now anyone can signup for an account. But is it too late? The momentum they had when it launched is pretty much gone. Out of all my Facebook friends only a handful have Google Plus account, and only 2 actually do anything with it. For the month of September, the only update was a bunch of photos and a video posted by me.

Having used Google Plus and Facebook together for a couple of months, I realize that although circles on Google Plus is a great idea in theory, it kills what I like to do most on Facebook. Just lurking and reading other people’s status updates. People are nosy, I’m nosy, I want to find out what’s happening with other people, and having circles just defeats my purpose of being on a social network.

Now Facebook is also getting in the “group your friends” game with lists. Fun’s over, social networking is growing up, soon it’ll all be like LinkedIn.

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