Finally Got My Hands On A HP TouchPad

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It’s been a month since HP had a fire sale on their TouchPads, and I finally got my hands on one. I originally only wanted the $99 16GB version because I already had an iPad and a Dell Streak 7, but I was only able to get my hands on the $150 32GB version. It’s still a great price, with the extra memory I can probably dual boot WebOS with Android when Android for the TouchPad is released.

Overall, WebOS on the TouchPad is pretty good, I really like the swipe action, but it’s feels a bit slow. Even after I applied some speed tweaks and overclocked it to 1.5Ghz, the TouchPad is still a bit sluggish. It’s really unfortunately, because WebOS itself is very slick, and I would say more polished than Android. But no matter how good WebOS is, it can’t prop up what HP is trying to put down.

The first thing I noticed when I booted up is that there is no native camera app on the TouchPad, it’s got a front facing camera, but there is no camera app. I don’t about others, but it’s one of the first things I do, test out the camera. Was it just over looked or left out on purpose? Either way, it’s pretty silly that in this day and age they shipped a tablet with a camera but not a camera app. Look at Apple, they included Photo Booth with the iPad 2, it’s pretty much just to showcase the iPad 2’s speed with the various effects. I don’t think anyone really uses it after the initial wow factor, it did its job.

The second thing I notice is that the TouchPad uses mini-USB for both it’s charger and data. This is a major plus since there’s no need for a special cable for charging or data transfer. When I got it today, I was able to simply connect the mini-USB cable I use for my phone to the TouchPad for data transfer, no muss, no fuss. It’s the one thing that’s done right, unlike all other major tablet players who all use their own special cables. The other manufacturers should take note.

Everything else is pretty standard with tablets, nothing really special about it. App selection is pretty slim, probably because WebOS has been in limbo for so long. HP is losing out by abandoning WebOS, with some more polishing and a big push to developers, it can be real contender.

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