Amazon Releases The Kindle Fire, The Next Tablet King?

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Amazon just released the Kindle Fire today, priced at only $199. The specs are very generous, with a 7″ IPS screen, 1Ghz dual core processor, 512MB RAM and 8GB storage. It’s positioned as a e-reader, so there’s no camera or GPS on the tablet. Android is under the hood, but Amazon have hacked it up so much that it doesn’t really matter. Apps are supported, but only from the Amazon App Store. I’ll give it a week after release until it’s hacked to run Android Market.

At this price and these specs, I think the Kindle Fire is a very serious contender to the iPad. The specs and features beat the original iPad, but at only $199 it’ll even make anyone think twice about an iPad 2. As I’ve noticed from my daily train rides, there are 5x more people with e-readers (Nook Color included) than tablets. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s cheaper or what, but there is a huge market out there for e-readers. I think Amazon have got this formula right.

As for me, I’ve got enough tablets, I have the Dell Streak 7 for my 7″ fix. The screen and battery life is not as good as the Kindle Fire, but it’s good enough for me. Plus, it’s got a real Android OS with cameras and GPS. Would I have gotten the Kindle Fire if I don’t have a Dell Streak 7? Maybe, it’ll definitely be one of my top choices. But I really wanted a front facing camera for video conferencing, which the Kindle Fire doesn’t have. So it’ll be a tough decision.

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