Phone Manufacturers Don’t Care About You

I’ve been saying this for a while, but phone manufacturers don’t care about us, the customer. They just want us buy the phone and that’s it, give them money and leave them alone. Apple, and now even Microsoft, have figured out that customers are still customers after purchase, and providing updates will make these repeat customers. This is a lesson that not even Nokia have learned for some reason.

I just saw a blog post about how Samsung is not planning on updating their flagship phone to the latest version of Android. The phone, the Nexus S, is only a few months old and it’s still on sale, by the way. Something like this just really pisses me off and completely takes Samsung out of the running for my next phone. It’s the same for Samsung tablet, I have not heard of any major updates for their tablet line. On the other hand, the Asus Transformer is getting regular updates, last I heard Asus is working on ICS for the Transformer.

Samsung and other manufacturers really need to learn that customers have a long memory. Those with good products and support is remembered, as well as those with good products and bad support. Apple fan boys love Apple for a reason.

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