Saved From Windows Azure

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I was looking at Windows Azure as a PHP cloud hosting solution recently, and decided to give it a try as it looks pretty¬†straight¬†forward. (The 90 day free trial is very tempting!) Unfortunately, I couldn’t even get started, since the SDK would not install. It appears Vista Home Basic (which I have) and XP is not supported. I figure that’s because of the environment emulation for local testing, so decided to try to do a test app and deploy it without local testing. Well, the joke’s on me, that’s a no go either. The scaffolding from the PHP SDK worked fine, but packaging required the Azure SDK that wouldn’t install. I give up!

So thank you Microsoft for saving me from Windows Azure.

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  1. news says:

    Just to let you know your website looks a little bit strange in Firefox on my netbook using Linux .