Google’s Marissa Mayer Going Yahoo

Yahoo Logo

Well, this definitely came out of no where. Google’s Marissa Mayer is going to Yahoo as their new chief executive. I guess the rumors of Ms. Mayer’s diminished role at Google after the reorganization is for real. As a career move, it’s not a¬†particularly good one, Yahoo’s dead and there’s no fixing it now. At best the industry will see her trying her best but Yahoo is beyond¬†resuscitation, at worst she’ll be seen as putting the final nail in Yahoo’s coffin. But I guess it doesn’t matter, after the Google IPO Ms. Mayer’s got more money than she can spend in 20 live times, so I guess she just want to try being the top dog for once. Let’s see how this plays out. Yahoo’s actually got some pretty good technology, it’s just been managed extremely poorly.

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