Hurricane Isaac Affecting The Cloud?

Looks like whoever coined the term “cloud” for Internet storage and hosting should have named it “fort” or something. Apparently people think the cloud is affected by the weather. These folks must be worried about Isaac in more ways than one.

Personally, I wouldn’t trust the cloud with all my files. Sure, I store some files on Dropbox. But definitely not all my personal files. As anecdotal¬†evidence, the cloud storage provider where I put my photos just changed it’s terms and they now charges per gigabyte to store the original photos, else everything will get scaled down. This is a paid service, mind you. I paid for this service so I can store my original photo files in the cloud for safe keeping. I guess now I’ll have to buy another external hard drive as a secondary backup.

Use the cloud, but don’t trust the cloud, that’s my recommendation.

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