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Snakes! Snakes In A House!

Apparently there’s this house Idaho that’s infested with snakes. No, it’s not a house of a snake hoarder, it’s wild snakes invading the house. It seems the house was built on top of a garter snake breeding ground, so every … Continue reading

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3D Without Glasses

Just saw this over at Engadget, and it’s pretty scary. This guy figured out a way to see 3D on a 3D TV without glasses… wait for it… by using a device that controls the blinking of his eyes. There … Continue reading

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Blackberry Touchpad Weirdness

I recently got a new Blackberry from work, it’s a Blackberry Curve with one of those fancy touchpads instead of the scroll wheel or ball. So far, I hate it. The trackpad sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t, it just doesn’t … Continue reading

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