iPod Nano Watch

I recently traded an old and dusty first generation iPod Nano for a shiny new sixth generation iPod Nano Touch with Apple due to a battery recall. Props to Apple for exchanging a 5 year old device with a current device for a recall.

I don’t exactly need another music player since I normally use my phone, and that’s the problem, what do I do with this shiny new device? Make it a wristwatch, of course! I bought a iWatchz Q watchband for the iPod Nano Touch today, and I must say, it looks great! With this wristband, the iPod actually looks like a real watch. My only concern is the piece holding the iPod looks a bit flimsy and is the weakest part of the watchband. Time will tell how it will hold up. Hopefully I remember to wear it.

iPod Nano Watch

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Facebook Files For IPO

The tech bubble is back! Hot on the heels of Groupon, Facebook files for IPO today. Well, maybe it’s not a bubble. Unlike Groupon, Facebook actually has a sustainable business and have been pretty profitable. According to some reports, the only reason they are filing for IPO is because they are legally required to due to the number of investors they have.

Personally, I’m debating whether to open a brokerage account or not.

Update: Anyone notice the ads when viewing photos? FB is really vamping up the ads to look good for the IPO.

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Anyone Else Having Problems With CNN Live TV And Optimum?

Is it just me or is there a problem with CNN Live TV on the CNN iPad app? It used to work fine, but now when I try to log in with my Optimum ID it just shows a gray screen and never validates. I’ve been trying it for a couple of days on 2 different iPads and I’m getting the same result. It’s actually pretty useful to be able to watch CNN anywhere I have an Internet connection. Hopefully this is just a temporary glitch.

Update: It’s working again!

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Google To Unify Your Data Across All Their Services

Google Logo

Google just updated their privacy policy yesterday to allow them to share data about you across all their services. Some bloggers are going as far as calling Google evil for this policy change. It’s just way too much data for one company to have about us. If we add Google+ into the mix Google will also have data about our personal lives, not just our online lives. I’m generally a pro Google guy and use many of their services, but this change is really pushing it. Think I’m going to stick with Facebook for my social network for the time being, don’t want Google to know everything about me.

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Holy Cow, Megaupload Is Done!

Megaupload is done, kaput, no more. They’ve been shut down and the founders arrested. I seriously did not see this coming. Megaupload is just a simple upload and share (download) site, it’s all user uploaded. Seriously, does Megaupload really play that big of a role in online piracy to warrant arresting it’s founders? I don’t remember the guy who created Napster getting arrested, just sued out of existence. Sounds like the Feds is looking for hard time.

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The Internet Is Going Nuts Over SOPA/PIPA

The whole Internet is a buzz with all that is anti-SOPA/PIPA. This is a first, it seems, where the entire Internet is rallied behind (or against rather) a single cause. SOPA/PIPA is bad news for any webmaster, myself included, since it allows the media industry to pretty much shut down any website without due process.

I wasn’t going to post anything about it, but I came across something interesting on Gizmodo about which Senators support SOPA/PIPA. As you can see, money talks. The tech companies should try lobbying to get some legislation passed that makes producing bad movies and/or music illegal, punishable by some hard time.

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Report Says IT Salaries Are Back To Their 2008 Levels

A report says that IT salaries in the US are now back to their, get this, 2008 levels. So when are they going to be back to their pre tech bubble levels? Seriously, this is a bit surprising with the recession and outsourcing of IT jobs. But I guess most of the positions outsourced are lower level positions, skilled and higher level (also means higher paid) positions are fairly safe from outsourcing. The report also says that the average IT salary is around $81k. That’s crazy, who are those people at the higher end of the scale skewing the results? Oh right, Google, Facebook, and friends. Now I totally feel under paid.

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WebOS Dead On Arrival?

HP Logo

There’s an article on NYTimes that pretty much says WebOS was dead on arrival and has no real chance of success. The article points out that Palm’s choice of WebKit as the HTML rendering engine doomed it because it’s too slow. I can’t say I disagree, my TouchPad is a bit laggy, it’s just as smooth as an iPad. There was a rumor a while back that said HP got WebOS running on an iPad and it ran twice as fast as native WebOS hardware. If this rumor is true, it shows how far behind WebOS’s WebKit implementation is, since the iPad’s Safari is also WebKit based as well.

Now that WebOS is going Open Source, hopefully the community can whip it into shape and give it a speed boost. There really is a lot going for WebOS.

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Phone Manufacturers Don’t Care About You

I’ve been saying this for a while, but phone manufacturers don’t care about us, the customer. They just want us buy the phone and that’s it, give them money and leave them alone. Apple, and now even Microsoft, have figured out that customers are still customers after purchase, and providing updates will make these repeat customers. This is a lesson that not even Nokia have learned for some reason.

I just saw a blog post about how Samsung is not planning on updating their flagship phone to the latest version of Android. The phone, the Nexus S, is only a few months old and it’s still on sale, by the way. Something like this just really pisses me off and completely takes Samsung out of the running for my next phone. It’s the same for Samsung tablet, I have not heard of any major updates for their tablet line. On the other hand, the Asus Transformer is getting regular updates, last I heard Asus is working on ICS for the Transformer.

Samsung and other manufacturers really need to learn that customers have a long memory. Those with good products and support is remembered, as well as those with good products and bad support. Apple fan boys love Apple for a reason.

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HP Will Leverage Open Source To Develop webOS

HP Logo

webOS is not dead! HP have decided to keep webOS around and will leverage open source to develop it and then license it for any interested parties. This all sounds good and all, but does HP really know what it means to open source an OS? They may be thinking that they’ll get development for webOS done for free and then turn around and license it to manufacturers. I doubt that’s what is going to happen. But if done right, this could be a revolution in mobile operating systems, watch out Google, they are aiming for Android. Personally, I like webOS, it’s much more polished than Android.

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